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Hydroponic Greenhouse



Uses 1/10 the water and 1/4 the fertilizer of soil-based crops

Grows higher quality plants

Yields as high as 10 times the amount of field grown crops

Produces cleaner crops without the use of dangerous pesticides and manures

This all reduces risk, increases ROI and profit
and brings a whole new level to food security 

The Hydroponic Consultancy has
25 YEARS of Hydroponic Crop Production Experience.....

            We can help you with the following:

- Product Development
- Hydroponic Greenhouse Design
- Indoor Hydroponic Facility Design
- Crop Nutrient Formulations and Analysis
- Pest Management Recommendations
- Harvest and Packaging Recommendations
- Sales and Marketing Recommendations
- Organic Insect and Disease Control
- Crop Cycle Timing and Plant Selection
- Controlled Environment Agriculture Research and Development

Hourly Fees and Descriptions:

1. Evaluation of Project =  1st 15 minutes are free. After the 1st 15 minutes hourly rate is $175 hour.  

2. 2-Day On Site Visit, Evaluation, and Recommendations = $ 5000 plus travel expenses.

3. All other work is billed out at $175 hour.

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