Hydroponic Consultancy - Santa Rosa California
About Us

 Welcome to the Hydroponic Consultancy. We are located in sunny Santa Rosa California.

Edward Gunneau is the driving force behind The Hydroponic Consultancy. For over 25 years Edward has had his passion and hands into commercial hydroponic production, research and development. This experience is where the Hydroponic Consultancy was born in 2013.

 Hydroponic Consultancy are professionals in the crop production industry. Edward's hands on experience, passion and knowledge are very valuable to the success and prosperity of many in the crop production industry.
                              HYDROPONIC CONSULTANCY
   We can help you grow the highest quality hydroponic crops on the planet !

Click of the Basil Picture that will take you inside one of our Hydroponic Greenhouses back in 1999.
Hydroponic Greenhouse and Indoor Cultivation Facility Research, Development and Consulting Contact Edward For More Details